Cannabis test results

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Cannabis Test ResultsThe test results from our first attempt at growing cannabis have come in and we are happy with the quality of the Blue Dream Haze we were able to produce. Thanks to Steep Hill Labs we were able to get a detailed chemical profile of the crops which you can see on the right.

Despite not having the top THC level, we tested the buds with a group of avid smokers and they all praised the quality and were surprised that the THC level is lower than the top buds. Reason for that is, studies show that not only THC, but a different combination of cannabinoids provide different feel due to the way they interact with receptors in your body.

This is a great illustration of the ability of the 7sensors grow box to produce healthy plants with little to no maintenance. Our powerful combination of microcontroller and sensors technology allows for a hands-off approach to producing a personal supply of medicine. Check us out on social media and follow our newsletter for updates regarding our automated approach to indoor gardening.

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