Share. Get a Box. Winner.

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share-get-a-box“Share. Get a Box.” campaign was a great success. Thousands of people participated and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to give away one of our Grow Boxes.

The winner of the campaign is: Cortney K Reagan from O’Fallon, Illinois

She will receive the box once we start delivering the first batch of our products, as it was stated on the campaign page.

Performance covers

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Growbox with performance covers

Introducing performance covers. When grown outdoors, shorter days and longer nights signal some plants of a season change. These plant varieties require around 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to stop the vegetative cycle and start and maintain the flowering cycle. Since 7sensors grow box has transparent windows it may be hard to maintain uninterrupted darkness depending on a location of the grow box in relation to windows and other light sources as well as the time of day one chooses for the lights inside the grow box to turn on. We address this issue by easy to apply covers that make the grow box light-tight from inside and outside. Depending on the plant you grow the app will automatically notify you when it is time to apply the covers and it will automatically switch the light day cycle duration.

Major milestones for our grow box

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app and grow box

To date, we have proven with our prototypes that we can successfully grow a diverse range of plants that yield fresh and plentiful organic crops with minimal human involvement. Our goal now is to deliver this product to market with quality, affordability and great aesthetics in mind. We took learnings from our prototypes and improved on every aspect of their performance and design. We worked hard, and today we are pleased to announce that we have completed the production design of our 7sensors growbox.

Furthermore, we are developing a simple and intuitive App that would allow you to either run a fully automated growing cycle or fine tune anything in the process should you choose to experiment with you plants. Whether you have a green thumb or not – you are in control.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your support!

Indoor growing of bell peppers is finished

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bell peppers final

Our bell pepper has matured! We are enjoying the fruit of our labor, but minus the labor part. A sweet flavor and crunchy texture, we love the fresh taste of these bell peppers. Another effortless grow – in 12 weeks, we yielded about 20 bell peppers and the cycle continues, with new peppers starting to flower. As we move on to our next grow, be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Bell peppers in our grow box are maturing

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Pepper Green Large 1080p

Have a look at this! Planted in organic soil, these bell peppers grew all the way to maturity and we can’t wait to taste them.
Natural organic grown produce in your home with no green thumbs required.
With 7sensors grow box almost any plant could be grown indoors with little to no efforts. Just select the plant from our growing recipes database or create your own environment by adjusting the climate inside the box – watch your plant flourish as nature intended to be.

Organic Soil Gardening and Hydroponics

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Matt Damon growing potatoes in Martian soil20th Century Fox, actor Matt Damon playing an astronaut growing potatoes in Martian soil

The topic of whether to garden in organic soil or utilize a hydroponics setup is one hotly debated in gardening circles. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, utilizing a solution containing solely the 16 or 17 minerals plants need to grow. With hydroponics, plants are either hung in the solution or grown in an inert media, like sawdust, that allows the solution to pass through and make contact with the roots. These nutrient solutions are usually prepared by the grower utilizing prepackaged lab synthesized chemicals and are recycled through the hydroponic system, causing the environmental impact of hydroponics to be extremely minimal. Hydroponics has an advantage in places where the soil or climate is unsuitable for growing, however even on Mars soil is suitable for growing plants as this NASA research shows.

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Bell peppers in our automated growing environment

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BellPeppers2We are happy to bring you some images from our most recent grow. These bell peppers are well on their way to maturity in our automated growing environment. With 7sensors grow box almost any plant can be grown indoors with little to no effort, just push a button and let the grow box do the rest. Growing a personal supply of organic vegetables indoors has never been easier. Please follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter for more information.

Cannabis test results

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Cannabis Test ResultsThe test results from our first attempt at growing cannabis have come in and we are happy with the quality of the Blue Dream Haze we were able to produce. Thanks to Steep Hill Labs we were able to get a detailed chemical profile of the crops which you can see on the right.

Despite not having the top THC level, we tested the buds with a group of avid smokers and they all praised the quality and were surprised that the THC level is lower than the top buds. Reason for that is, studies show that not only THC, but a different combination of cannabinoids provide different feel due to the way they interact with receptors in your body.

This is a great illustration of the ability of the 7sensors grow box to produce healthy plants with little to no maintenance. Our powerful combination of microcontroller and sensors technology allows for a hands-off approach to producing a personal supply of medicine. Check us out on social media and follow our newsletter for updates regarding our automated approach to indoor gardening.

Cannabis harvest updates

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cannabis buds in jars

We have finished curing the buds from our first Blue Dream Haze harvest and are happy to say that our initial cannabis experiment yielded 3 ounces of flowers; a renewable personal supply of medicine that is perfect for those seeking relief for everything from anxiety to chronic pain. Our utilization of microcontrollers and sensors takes the labor out of growing for those lacking green thumbs, while leaving enough control for more experienced gardeners to manually adjust the parameters depending on what they want their plants to experience. We are excited to provide you with a technology driven solution to the problems inherent in indoor gardening. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media as we continue with our final phases of development.